Just a Taste - A Blurred Lines Series Introduction

Because every great love has a beginning…

When Corbin Macintyre is asked by Shellie VanDerBeek to have sex with her bi boyfriend, Corbin appreciates the novelty of the couple’s wild fantasy of selecting a one-night bed partner for each other.

Corbin is to sleep with Brent. Shellie is to sleep with the guy Brent picks for her. It would be a reckless charge into adulthood after the burden of four years of university, and it holds no forewarning that Corbin will meet the man who will steal his heart.

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Just a Taste Excerpt...

I lick my lips to bring moisture back to my mouth. “Uhm, you want me to find a guy for Brent to fuck?”

She snickers, rubbing my knee. “No silly. Brent wants to be fucked. And part of our deal was I had to do the picking and asking. Like a surprise for him and a challenge for me.”

To my utter shock, I see a list of guys who might be willing forming in my mind. Brent is six foot and buff. A dark-haired Italian stallion. I can’t see this being a difficult task to complete, even if it is wild and out of my normal offer of assistance.

“I guess I could give you a few names, but if you don’t want this to get around, I wouldn’t go too far into the list if you’re getting refusals.”

“Now you’re killing me.” She sighs, slapping my chest. “I’m asking you. You’re right, I don’t want this to get around. That’s why I’ve come to you first.” She giggles, clutching my chin and giving me a little shake to shut my mouth. “Corbin, I’m asking if you will do this, have sex with Brent.”


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What are other people saying?

This is short and steamy. It’s such a great addition to the blurred lines series. If you haven’t read the series, then this is the perfect introduction to Corbin and Mark.
— Sherry Koch
It’s raw and intense and sooo unbelievably hot! You don’t want the scenes between Corbin and Mark to end. From their first glimpse with each other till they are together. Holy hell!! I wanted more!!
— Stefanie
This is the first story I’ve read from this author and I wasn’t disappointed. I definitely want to read more.
— Georgiana
A must read in my opinion.
— Linda Brewer