Just a Taste Excerpt - A Blurred Lines Series Introduction

 “Hi,” Shellie VanDerBeek says, taking the empty seat next to me in the university caff.

 “Hey. No lunch?”

The petite blonde shakes her head, her long hair flowing over her shoulders and the textbooks she has clutched to her chest. “Not hungry.”

Something’s up. She’s not hard to read. She’s one of many who are as open to me as a book. And the anxious vibe oozing off her is as plain as the button nose on her pretty face. “Spill it. What’s wrong?”

She clutches the books tighter to her chest, glancing around. “I need to talk to you. Ask you something actually.”

The fact she won’t meet my eyes makes me as edgy as she is, but I bottle it. I like that most of the girls my group hangs with come to me with problems. If I can help, I try to. If I can solve the problem, I do an Irish jig for days.

“Ask away.”

Shellie nibbles her lip. She does finally look at me, but the eye contact doesn’t last. I worry this has something to do with Brent, her boyfriend. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s come to me with questions since the guy is Bi and leans more toward us guys than her female form. But my skill in fixing relationships is bumpy at best when that’s the case. Give me two guys to slap into place any day.

“Is it Brent?” I ask, having to push her.

She glances around again as if worrying we may be overheard, but the place is loud, she shouldn’t worry. “Ah, so, school’s ending in just a few weeks, right? And Brent and I talked…”

I hold my breath. After almost three years together, he’s tossing her. I just know it.

“We… were thinking we wanted to finish the year… you know, with a bang, before we are forced to become adults.” She giggles, showing her nerves.

I shake my head. She’s lost me now. I was expecting to console a heartbroken female.

“Anyway. I wanted to do something special for Brent, and he wanted to do the same for me…”

When I laugh at her, she pouts, so I pat her head to encourage her. “Come on. Spill it. You’re killing me. What the hell are you two doing now?”

“I’m uncomfortable asking.”


“Okay. So, you know how Brent swings both ways? Well, I’m to… pick a guy for him, you know, to be with for a night of fun, and he’s going to pick someone for me.”

I stare at her, not understanding what she’s telling me or asking for that matter.

“Corbin,” she whispers, worried and tugging on my shirt sleeve to bring me around. “Say something.”

I lick my lips to bring moisture back to my mouth. “Uhm, you want me to find a guy for Brent to fuck?”

She snickers, rubbing my knee. “No silly. Brent wants to be fucked. And part of our deal was I had to do the picking and asking. Like a surprise for him and a challenge for me.”

To my utter shock, I see a list of guys who might be willing forming in my mind. Brent is six foot and buff. A dark-haired Italian stallion. I can’t see this being a difficult task to complete, even if it is wild and out of my normal offer of assistance.

“I guess I could give you a few names, but if you don’t want this to get around, I wouldn’t go too far into the list if you’re getting refusals.”

“Now you’re killing me.” She sighs, slapping my chest. “I’m asking you. You’re right, I don’t want this to get around. That’s why I’ve come to you first.” She giggles, clutching my chin and giving me a little shake to shut my mouth. “Corbin, I’m asking if you will do this, have sex with Brent.”

“When? Where? Ohmygod, how?” I gasp, trying to get my mind around what we’re hashing out in the middle of the cafeteria.

She smiles, seeming to like my discomfort. “I won’t know who Brent picks for me until the actual night. But you’re for Brent. You don’t have to touch me.”

“What the hell? What do you mean?”

“We’ll all be in bed together.”

“Holy crap. What bed?”

“We were thinking a hotel. The dorms hardly seem right if we’re keeping this on the downlow.”

“When?” I ask, hardly believing I do.

“Don’t know. Maybe this weekend if Brent makes a decision on a guy for me and the guy agrees.”

I shake my head, now fully grasping what’s happening here. “I don’t bottom.”

“I know.” She looks around again, still checking the privacy factor. “And like I said. Brent wants to be fucked. Not the other way around. And he wants to see me with another man as well.”

“Has he bottomed in the past?”

She nods, biting her plump bottom lip smothered in pink gloss. And my slumbering dick twitches with the virgin card off the table since they can be a lot of work, and often, the opportunity to fuck can be stopped before ever hitting a home run.

Me and Brent. Shellie and some mystery guy. In one bed. For one night. No strings attached.

My dick twitches again, but my thoughts turn dark. I’m no superhero in bed, but I’ve had nothing but praise. It makes me pause, wondering if it’s safe to unleash me on Brent.

I laugh in my head with my self-proclaimed competence, however, the allure of a hard cock up his ass after three years of abstinence might be enough for Brent to forget Shellie even exists.

“Aren’t you worried what this might do to your relationship?”

She shrugs, tossing her long hair over her shoulder. “I think we’re solid. Neither of us would be considering this if we weren’t. We just want to leave this part of our life behind with a bang,” she says, looking around at what has been our home for the last four years. “Like, something to remember and laugh about when the kids are grown and out of the house.”

I nod, seeing her point. You only live once. And uni is rough. It’s a lot of hard work, and although the occasional weekend has been drunk and wild, most of the last few years have been a nose-to-the-grindstone type of thing for most of us. I can see the allure of tasting this forbidden fruit just once before being forced into the adult world. Kind of like my tattoo and nipple ring and the situations Spencer Hayes often finds himself in—they are a young, restless, inhibited thing to live through vicariously as we age.

“Here comes Otto. I better go,” she says, standing and pulling her books close once again with her nerves as my friend approaches. “Just forget I mentioned anything.”

I grab her arm, stopping her embarrassment. “I’ll do it.”

Her blue eyes become huge, and her mouth opens as wide as mine was when she told me what she wanted. “You will?”

“Yeah. I’ll do it. It should be fun.”

Her big white smile is something that makes me grin. She’s over the moon with my acceptance, and she’s that happy because she thinks Brent will be ecstatic with her choice of a man for a night of wild sex. Which should make me worry because my dick seems to like the idea that Brent will be interested in me.