Valentine's Day - A Romance Writer's Most Coveted Day

As a romance writer, today, Valentine’s Day, is a day of worship and reverie. Everything I write has its origins in the emotion expressed most often today—LOVE.

Although love takes many shapes and forms and comes from a different place for everyone, the underlying meaning is the same… we sense a deep connection to someone that is unlike anything else we feel.

We can have that deep connection with family members and close friends, but on Valentine’s Day, the love most focused on is the love connection we have with an intimate partner. However, that intimacy isn’t always derived from a sexual spark or a physical connection. For some people, that deeper connection with an individual has grown from a mental awareness and familiarity, as well as a feeling of personal safety. As I said, love takes many forms and looks different for everyone.

Since love is different for everyone, the way Valentine’s Day is celebrated varies just as greatly, and the way we express our love is just as divers.

Chocolate and flowers are a standard go-to. Romantic dinners can be a highlight, with your attention solely on the person you love, and in return, they are focused solely on you. Some look for the wild and unexpected gift, like a weekend getaway or a concert for your loves favourite band. Some people choose to stay in, again, sharing quiet—or not so quiet—moments with that special person.

Whether it is planned ahead of time or on a whim, the meaning is the same. Whether your significant other knows about the plan or it is a surprise, the gesture is made to mean something and give that person the special place in your life you feel they deserve.

But really, Valentine’s Day is all about the enthusiasm you have for sharing your life, the good and bad, with someone who will catch you and support you, and who makes each and everyday a better day to be alive, and that is worth all the chocolate, flowers, wine, dinners, movies, and cozy fires in the world.

Today especially, but everyday, be good to those who love you, and embrace the love that is returned to you. It’s what makes for a good romance and an even greater fairy tale.


Hug and kisses!