Blurred Lines Set 1 Book 2 - Secrets of Your Closet - epub format (for Kobo)

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Book 2 Standing Paperback.jpg

Blurred Lines Set 1 Book 2 - Secrets of Your Closet - epub format (for Kobo)


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In this second book of the series, romance author, Miranda Howarth continues to bask in her fairy tale with Spencer Hayes, exploring and challenging not just her own sexuality but her love for him while striving to save her career with an erotic gay romance novel. But her romance writer’s intuition is causing her to question not just Spencer’s fidelity but his long-time friendships.

 Corbin Macintyre and Mark Castille have no choice but to withhold information from Miranda regarding Spencer’s past while trying to protect their own deep and abiding love for each other as they aide Miranda with the writing of her newest book.

But a large part of Spencer’s past is woven into Corbin and Mark’s, and when something breaks that can’t be fixed, Corbin, Mark, and Spencer are not immune to the pain it unleashes in their lives. The walls close in on Spencer, and time runs out as people and events are forced to the surface, and the pressure placed on Corbin and Mark’s robust relationship is something never experienced in their nine years together.

No one can control which secrets slip from the closet and which ones remain hidden, and it’s something that has the men scrambling for not just answers, but clarification to the question... can fairy tales really last?

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I’ve been thru the ringer of emotions in this book.
— Michael Harrison