Blurred Lines Set 1 - PDF format


Blurred Lines Set 1 - PDF format


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Miranda Howarth can’t imagine writing anything but sappy romances for women, however the publishing market has changed since she started publishing ten years ago, and today’s market of steamy erotic romances are killing her mild brand of bedroom antics.

Miranda’s new love interest, criminal lawyer, Spencer Hayes, is hotter than anything she writes for women, and he has the ideal circle of friends to provide Miranda what she requires to pull off a credible gay novel.

With limited choices and a publishing market already flooded with erotica for women, Miranda makes the leap from not only her genre, but from her comfort zone while writing what she never imagined she would write – gay erotic romances with nothing hidden under the covers.

Corbin Macintyre and Mark Castille are sexy, successful, and monogamous, living in Cabbagetown, Toronto. They are stable, honest, and in love; everything Miranda adores. Corbin is a romantic at heart, and the couple is exactly what Miranda needs to make her romance sappy and her erotica pop.

But Spencer’s long-time friends hold every one of his secrets - the ones that paint a darker fairy tale than Miranda’s idealistic mind is ready for. And Corbin and Mark’s robust relationship is not immune to what’s bubbling just below the surface.

No one can control which secrets slip from the closet and which ones remain hidden, but when the doors are flung wide, no one is safe from the light.

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This series has wrecked me. Peyton Landry has sucked me innnn… I’m a hot mess today!
— Michael Harrison