Blurred Lines Set 1 Book 3 - Keys to Your Closet - PDF format

Book 3 Standing Paperback.jpg
Book 3 Standing Paperback.jpg

Blurred Lines Set 1 Book 3 - Keys to Your Closet - PDF format


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Miranda Howarth is so close to achieving her goal of completing her first erotic gay romance that it curls her toes with excitement, but it’s often tempered by darker thoughts of what she’s lost in the process as the novel appears to be the cause of everything wrong in her life. Corbin Macintyre can relate, feeling similar emotions as he looks at his own life, but Corbin is not as willing to wallow, and he finds his future much brighter than his past.

Miranda strives to heal wounds and find answers, but life is as fluid as the fairy tails she writes, and she is forced to not only examine her beliefs and her choices, but her roll in destroying something she cherished as she tries to save Corbin more heartache.

Determined, and now bound by so much more than a book, Miranda and Corbin scramble toward their finish line as the doors to the closet are swung wide-open… and misery, treachery, and lies have never looked so beautiful, or so much like love.

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She had me laughing one minute and crying the next. You cannot help but be pulled into her characters’ lives. I am now one of her biggest fans.
— Linda B.