Blurred Lines Set 2

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The Watermark. The Rule of Thirds. Remote Capture.

Their friend’s wedding is everything Otto Ryerson and Darrius Beck had hoped for, but the day holds a great deal more excitement for Otto because the sexy, spiky-blond wedding photographer hired for the day has captivated him from the first click of the shutter.

But Ty Lansing’s darkroom holds more than just negatives, and although it might have been Ty’s camera that’s brought the men together, it’s Ty’s history with it that will bring Otto to his knees in a way he never expected. And it has Otto trying to hold on to the man he loves while that man fights him every step of the way.

The last time Karrie Hayes saw Darrius, he was a mildly handsome teen, just growing into his body. Now, he is a stunningly virile man of thirty-four, every inch of him screaming that his adolescence has long since passed, as has his innocence.

The last Darrius laid eyes on his friend’s baby sister, she was an awkward child. Now, Karrie is a curvy, bubbly, twenty-four-year old blonde who has a fierce mind of her own and an amazing presence.

But Karrie’s brother has a problem, and it has nothing to do with Darrius ebony skin; it’s his eclectic sex life that has the two men brawling since Darrius has always liked his women petite and blonde, and his men muscular and tall. And Karrie is not the only person Darrius wants in his bed this time.

Although… with a snap of the shutter… Darrius isn’t the only man interested in Karrie’s picture.

With the continuation of the Blurred Lines Series, The Watermark, The Rule of Thirds, and Remote Capture will have you riding on the edge of your seat and paying attention to not only the pictures, but the video.

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Steamy twits, endearing characters, and proof of what really matters in life.
— L.B.