Blurred Lines Set 1


Invited into Your Closet Excerpt...

Miranda squirms in place. I know she has a million questions and that me cancelling the sit-down with the rest of the guys has cramped some of her writing plans. It wasn’t vital to her project, but it was more information for her to work with. But this is probably the best time to address a whole pile of things because she seems open now and this is the deepest we have explored any of her questions.

“We do have anal sex. I told you that before. I usually top. That’s the way we like it. You and I have discussed lube, and now you know about our condom usage. We don’t keep the company in business, but we do have them, and neither of us has had unprotected sex with other men or suffered the worry of a broken condom in our past.”


What are other people saying?

— Janice R.
Peyton Landry’s writing has you pulled in from the start. Driven by the intensity of her writing, by the end of the book you can be nothing else but a fan.
— Kellie W.
Omg!!! Bent over and hands down the best trilogy I’ve read…
— Julie-Ann R
I loved this blended novel. It is a reminder that love is based on a connection and emotion, and body parts are only your tools to express that love. Peyton’s Landry leaves you fully invested in both relationships.
— Kelly D.